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Dedicated to Dating for the Discerning Over 60 Single. Join free today to meet like minded Over 60s who want to meet people just like you.
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Are you 60ish and feeling the need to revitalize your love life? Are you looking for compatible mature friends, lovers or others?

The Over 60 Singles Club is an exclusive website specially created to give singles over 60 the best dating experience. If you are tired of looking for love in the same old places online dating allows you to safely, securely and from the comfort of your own living room make an instant connection.

Whether you are looking for long term love or something casual, the perfect relationship is just within your reach. With thousands of members from all across the United States we’re sure you will find someone who takes your fancy inside the Over 60 Singles Club.

By joining a site tailor-made to your needs, you increase the chances of finding the most compatible person for you.

We strive for consistency, excellence and absolute customer satisfaction.

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Exclusive Services of the Over 60’s Single Club:

o    Easy and instant registration process

o    Limitless dating opportunities with thousands of members all around America

o    View photos, create an exciting profile and begin searching – in minutes!

o    Customer Care team ready to help

o    Safe and Secure

o    Maximize your dating time and effort

Join Now! You can read about successful dating for the Over 60’s in our Blog – full of helpful videos, tips and advice.


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When it comes to finding older women for dating, over 50 personals provide a convenient platform to connect with like-minded individuals. These personals allow you to browse through profiles and find older women who share your interests and desires. You can easily connect with them through messaging or chat features, getting to know each other before taking the plunge into dating.

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